Zhang Shaohua talks about
“the road of Zhang Shaohua”

For many years, I always hear some evaluation about “the road of Zhang Shaohua” from some scholars at home and abroad. And I often read some evaluation about “the road of Zhang Shaohua” that present in “the thinking system of Zhang Shaohua”, on the Western newspapers, newspapers in the Middle East and domestic newspapers. Almost of these, there are some evaluations which are very thoughtful, investigate me deeply and capture the main part truly about the “the road of Zhang Shaohua”. This is a good way and I feel grateful too.

However, until today, I haven’t found any evaluation that make me feel satisfied or any article that can catch the intension, characteristic and meaning of “the road of Zhang Shaohua” completely, calmly and exactly.

There are many scholars who believe that “the road of Zhang Shaohua” absorbs the Eastern wisdom but different with the Eastern road; absorbs the Western civilisation but different with the Western road; and absorbs the important civilized achievements from modern civilisation but it’s different, that meaning, it beyond the modern civilisation thinking.

So, there is someone who will ask like that: there are different almost “the road of Zhang Shaohua”, Eastern road, Western road and the Middle East road?

From the part of the characteristic, “the road of Zhang Shaohua” is a road which “starts at personality, human rights, humanity, human, the process of human civilisation and the mission of human civilisation”, which the six part road is starting with six parts. And this point, it’s possible to know it well from my thinking system, my social activities, my own thinking, acting and attitude of life. If people can think about and evaluate “the road of Zhang Shaohua” like that, then they will find the radical different between “the road of Zhang Shaohua” and the others roads.

From the intension, about other roads, some are roads with political characteristic, some are roads with economic characteristic; some are roads with cultural characteristic; some are roads with religious characteristic; some are roads with ideology characteristic, however “the road of Zhang Shaohua” consist of the political, economic, cultural, environment and religion, etc., which is a road with complement and overall field.

From the vertical comparison, “the road of Zhang Shaohua” is different with the Western road (such as the American public autonomy and the British monarchy these political path of the road, the Western freedom, equality, democracy, these ideological road), the Eastern road (such as the old Chinese socialist road and the present Chinese the socialist road, the road of the Shinto road in Japan, these political road, using the Marxism and Mao Zedong Thought as the guiding thinking and basic theoretical as the principle of founding a state, these ideological road), the Middle East road (such as unification of the state and the church, this political road and religious road ). However, it’s not meaning that they are the same level of “the middle way” and other roads. My road absolutely is not “the middle way”, neither at the same level of the road above. These two things are not at the same level truly. My road starts at the headstream of other roads and describe the deeply level of human or the different field. As long as you’re the man, or refer to the man—the history, present and future of the human, no matter from the view of political, economic, or cultural and religion view, couldn’t avoid the six parts problem.

From the horizontal comparison, “the road of Zhang Shaohua” is different with other roads of level view, cultural view, ideological view, political view and religious view. So “the road of Zhang Shaohua” describes the range of personality, human rights, humanity and human. If about the range of this problem, it’s relatedly to each other; it’s relatedly to the political, economic, cultural and religion of each country and nation; it’s relatedly to the future of all of human directly. Especially are “the process of the human” and “the mission of the human” these two parts, which take over the main part in our thinking system and social activities.

For example, I have presided World Congress of Geoversal Civilisation four times, Congress of Organization Promoting Geoversal Civilisation Presidium nine times, and have provided lots of international meetings and domestic meetings, with my devoting 18 years. These meetings and activities all take around with “promoting of human civilisation”. “Promoting of human civilisation” is more complement and deep in the view of human, the activity of thinking, activities of all human survival, activities, political, economic, cultural, religion, living, family, emotion, idea, essentially grow up from the “promoting if human civilisation”.

Then, let talking about “the mission of human”. As we all know, we often chat about “the mission of human” or write about it in our conversation and our book, because “the mission of human” this topic involve these problems which are directly related to our human. For example, (1) this topic involve the holding level about self- aware of human (for example, in my book “theory of universal—spirit”, I metaphor the present evolutionary stage as “the stage from juvenile to youth”, that say, the stage of “being mature”, so human should grow up rapidly as a mission of the human). (2) It involves in promoting the self-control capability (for example, in my book “The Declaration of Geoversal Civilisation”, the old civilisation all formed at the period of tribal, the period of national central and regional centers, so, it’s normally that there are different and discussion between of these. But, today’s people, no matter why they lead different and discussion to war and conflict; no matter why they penetrated cultural and export civilisation with economic limited, political threat and military onslaught, which are contrary on civilisation. So, “the first principal” in the 21 century is that limit strictly these discussion of different civilisation or in the same civilisation at the range below of the conflict. I mean, human, as the symbol of “Primates” and “humanity”, absolutely doesn’t meaning that we fight out and fight in; but after becoming the human, we start learning the civilisation, learn of everything around us, the learn our own relationship between people, team and communities. In a word, human should take on the mission of control themselves. If not, we couldn’t avoid quarrelling and fighting at home, fighting and abusing at domestic, forming function behind the curtain and fighting international). (3) It involves the promoting the level of self-management (for example, I write a letter to Central State Council at 2012 years, the title was “the recommendation about found “center of Chinese human prospect study”, in which there is the important reason is appealing people to promote the level of self-management. There is tribe management- national management- country management- management between different countries, three stages for human. The reason why there are the war constantly, tragedy repeatedly, because our humans have not really become a big family, black, white and brown, men and women do not really become a family. In other words, when we found a "world coalition government", we could achieve the expectation of "one world, one family" fundamentally on the political system, and we could leave the traditional, old, outdated routine of human self-management. Therefore, the establishment of the world coalition government is another mission of the human). (4) It involves the responsibility of human in the evolution of the earth (for example, in my book “the centennial plan about comprehensive manage the global ecological condition”, talk about the earth's worrying environment, such as the distortion of the geophysical mechanism and the deterioration of the Earth's ecological environment all that we caused, therefore, the restoration of the inner ecological and the external environment of the earth also depend on the human who is really arousal). (5) It involves the mission about the human to universe (for example, in my book “the theory of universal-spirit”, I have emphasized this view of point, the arise of human marking the evolution of the universe arrives the new stage that "the universe has Self-consciousness and ability of self-conscious reform", so the another mission important is that human is responsible to participate in or promote the universal evolution with their own wisdom and hands). And so on.