Yury Yakovets

Permanent Vice Chairman Yury Yakovets's Message

It is desirable that the Organization actively participate in the preparation of the report of the Yalta Civilization Club in 2018, "The Strategy for Global Security in the Context of the Formation of a Multipolar World Order," and in the creation and operation of the World Partnership of Youth of Civilizations. Active participation in the annual civilizational forums held in Moscow, and in the magazine "Partnership of Civilizations", one of the publishers of which is the Organization.

Introduction of Permanent Vice Chairman Yury Yakovets

Name: Yury Yakovets
Nationality: Ukrainian
Academic field: economy, history, theory and history of civilizations, sociology, political science.
Academic research results:
The results are published on the website: http://yakovets.inesnet.ru.
Published in two volumes of collected works in Russian and in three volumes selected works in English. In total, more than 870 scientific works have been published, including more than 50 publications, textbooks, scientific reports.
Webpage Linkhttp://yakovets.inesnet.ru.
Duty in OPGC: Permanent Vice Chairman
Past involvement in and contributions to the OPGC:
Presentations and speeches at the 1st World Forum of the Organization in Sydney, at the 2nd World Forum of the Organization in New York, the organization of the 4th World Forum "Towards Noosphere Civilization" in December 2013 in Moscow with the publication of the forum materials in the International Scientific and Educational Journal "Partnership civilizations "in Russian, English and Chinese.