Zhai Mo

Permanent Vice Chairman Zhai Mo’s Message

Zhang Shaohua's thought system is a great enlightenment of mature human beings and a gospel to inspire people's minds and to save the human soul. It is the response to adapt to the reform and to be opening up to the world.

Zhai Mo Profile

Zhai Mo Profile
Zhai Mo (June 1941 – July 21, 2009), was born in China.
He graduated from Department of Chinese of Zhengzhou University in 1963 and finished his postgraduate education in Department of Art of Chinese National Academy of Arts at the beginning of 1981.
He is the former Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the magazine Geoversal Civilisation, Chief Editor of China’s national project Design Trend of Mankind, a researcher of Chinese National Academy of Arts, a doctoral supervisor and Director of Design and Research Office. Zhai is also a member of the Theoretical Committee of China Artists Association and the China Aesthetics Academy and the China Writer Association. He takes up the posts of the member of Defense Committee for Doctoral Degree of the School of Arts of Peking University and Tsinghua University. Zhai assumes the posts of Guest Professor of Image Research Institute of Minzu University of China, Distinguished Professor of College of Art and Design of Jiangsu University of Technology and Honorary Dean of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Research Institute of Zhengzhou University. He is the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Art News of China and Art Observation as well.
His brief biography has been included in several encyclopedias such as Chinese Cultural Personages, Cambridge International Biographical Encyclopedia and Who’s Who in the World.
Theoretical Achievements
Zhai advocates the thought of creation of new ecology environment, new way of living, new life quality, new life values and the efforts to benefit all mankind’s leisurely and long standing.
He also advocates the Major and Oneness Aesthetics System. “Major” refers to the nature and “Oneness” refers to the humanity faith. As the “universe – humanitarian aesthetics”, Da Yi Aesthetics is also the “nature – aesthetics of humanitarianism” – a nature in which the faith is the essence and ultimate pursuit of humanity. It stresses the global perspective to observe from large to small objects instead of the regional perspective. Zhai tries to “find out respective advantages and shortages of different civilisations from the view of global integration and the underlying oneness in various superficial differences to build a new civilisation and aesthetics from a new point of view”.
Major Works
The Tangle and Fission of Beauty and Ugliness, 1988, Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House; awarded with Top Ten Best Books of Book Information Journal in 1988;
Exploration of Modern Body Art, 1988, Culture and Art Publishing House;
The Aesthetics of Artists, 1989, People’s Literature Publishing House;
The Art of Foreigner Nude Photography, 1989, China Radio Film and TV Press;
The Beauty of Paintings, 1991/1994, Hubei Education Press;
OK, the Forever Artist, 1993, Henan People’s Publishing House;
The Second Birth of Art, 1997, People’s Literature Publishing House;
The Round Rainbow: Biography of Wu Guanzhong, 1997/1998, People’s Literature Publishing House;
The Colorful Life: Paintings of Wu Guanzhong, 1999, Guangxi Fine Arts Publishing House;
Paintings of Wu Guanzhong, Henan People’s Publishing House;
Meandered Stream around Buildings, 1999, Department of Multimedia of Taiwan CTnews;
Listen to the Stars, 1999, Guangxi Fine Arts Publishing House;
World Art: Foreign Classic Paintings (Vol. 2), 2000, People’s Fine Arts Publishing House;
Overlap and Separation: Photography and Painting in Graphic Era, 2002, Chinese Photography Publishing House;
Time of Fusion and Innovation, 2003, People’s Fine Arts Publishing House;
The Sea Gets Low when You Are in a High Mountain, 2005, China Renmin University Press;
Love Forever was awarded with Outstanding Work of Guang Ming Daily in 1989;
The Quality of Art won “Jin Tai Prize” of People’s Daily in 1991;
The Charm of Essence was awarded with the Second-Class Prize of Outstanding Literature of China Culture Daily in 1993;
Creativity of CI Strategy was awarded with the Second-Class Thesis Prize of Advanced Seminar of CI Strategy of China in 1995.
Collections chief-edited by Professor Zhai
Paintings of Masters in Modern China, 1999, Guangxi Fine Arts Publishing House;
Paintings of Chinese Masters in 20th Century, 1999, Henan People’s Publishing House;
Art of Foreign Masters in 20th Century, 2002, People’s Fine Arts Publishing House;
The Genre of Western Modern Art, 2000, People’s Fine Arts Publishing House;
The Genre of Western Post-modern Art, 2002-2005, People’s Fine Arts Publishing House;
The Eastern and Western Arts, 2004-2005, China Renmin University Press;
New View of Aesthetics, 2002-2005, Zhengzhou University Press.