Constantin Lupeanu

Permanent Vice Chairman Constantin Lupeanu’s Message

"The history is created like this, and the progress of the world is also created in such way. They are created by Professor Zhang and Jesus who live in real life but has significant influence. They shoulder the mission of creating human civilization. Through Zhang’s Though System, I believe that in the future, mankind will see many existing systems fall apart and stubborn things become disintegrated. I believe that through Zhang Shaohua 's thinking, we will have a unified, unique and new human civilization. Therefore, please allow me to say that the 21st century is the century of Zhang’s Though System. "

Introduction of Permanent Vice Chairman Constantin Lupeanu

Name: Constantin Lupeanu
Nationality: Romania
Date of Birth:
Academic field:
Position: Director of Romanian Cultural Center, former Ambassador to Romania in Romania, a famous sinologist
Academic research results: Graduated from Bucharest University Department of Foreign Languages early Chinese language and literature. For a long time he translated and published 24 books in Chinese literature in Romania, the number of which is second to none in Romania.
Duty in OPGC: Permanent Vice Chairman
Past involvement in and contributions to the OPGC: