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Mikhail Titarenko Profile

Mikhail Titarenko Profile
Mikhail Tietalen was born on April 27, 1934 in a peasant family. After graduating from a normal school in the Altai region with honors, he was recommended to the Faculty of Philosophy in Moscow University in 1953 for further studies.
After graduating from college in 1957 was sent to Peking University Department of philosophy study for two years, under the teacher Mr. Feng Youlan.
In 1959 he was sent to Shanghai Fudan University Philosophy Department to study, after graduating in 1961 to stay in school for a year.
From 1962 to 1965, Gitalynko served as a researcher in the Soviet Consulate General in Shanghai and the Soviet Embassy in China.
From 1965 to 1985, he was in charge of the work in China and East Asia in the Central Committee of the CPSU. On November 26, 1965, he obtained a PhD degree in philosophy and a PhD degree in philosophy on November 2, 1979.
Since 1985, Qitarenko has served as director of Far East Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences office.
May 30, 1997 was elected academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, in November 2001 was elected academician.
On February 25, 2016, a famous Sinologist Mikhail Tettalenko died in Moscow at the age of 82.
Academic Papers
He has written more than 200 monographs, and has studied on the history of Chinese philosophy, politics and reality; he is also an expert on Russia- Asia Pacific and Russia-China relationships.
The main monographs
"The Maoists' Chinese Ancient Philosophical Schools and Its Theory", Moscow, 1965, (PhD thesis);
"Maoist Ideological and Political Essence" (co-author), Moscow, 1979;
"Ancient philosopher Mo Di and his school and doctrine", Moscow, 1985;
Influence of Mo Di and His School on Chinese Philosophy and Social and Political Thought (Volume II), Moscow, 1988;
"Peace, Security and Cooperation in Asia-Pacific and the Far East," Moscow, 1989;
"The Tradition of Social Politics and Political Culture in China" (co-authored with Л.С. Perevalov), 1994;
"Russia and East Asia: The Relationship between the Internationalization and Civilizations", Moscow, 1994;
"Russia faces Asia", Moscow: Republic Press, 1998;
"China: Civilization and Reform", Moscow: Republic Press, 1999;
"Modernization and Reform in China", Moscow, 1999;
"Russia: Seeking for Security through Cooperation - The Vector of East Asia", Moscow: Historical Ideology and Documentation Press, 2003
History of Chinese Philosophy (1989);
Encyclopedic Dictionary of Chinese Philosophy, Moscow, 1994;
Contemporary Chinese Philosophy (Editor in Chief), Moscow, 1980;
"Ancient Chinese Philosophy • Preface", Moscow, 1972;
"Seriously study on the ancient Chinese philosophy", "Far East" magazine, Moscow, 1977 the fourth
Duty in OPGC: Permanent Vice Chairman
Past involvement in and contributions to the OPGC:
Participated in preparations for Organization for Promoting Geoversal Civilisation and participated in the first to fourth sessions of the World Congress of Geoversal Civilisation.