Mohsen Mohebi

Permanent Vice Chairman David Mohsen Mohebi’s Message

As to the OPGC, I will constantly give my opinions and exchange my minds with others. I am very grateful to president Zhang who should be respected, because he has devoted himself to the well-being of the human, and he will be remembered forever. "At the end of the 20th century, a thinker from the East of the world - China re-learned the civilisation of the twentieth century and created a new civilisation structure that The Oneness of All Beings, The Oneness of All Humans, The Onenss of All Faiths. we can prove that this is a great success."

Introduction of Permanent Vice Chairman Mohsen Mohebi

Name: Mohsen Mohebi
Nationality: Iran
Position:  Dean of the Tehran University Law School
1999   “Docteur en Droit” (Ph.D.) Louvain-la-Neuve University (Belgium) (International Law and Arbitration)
1980-1983   “Master in Law” (M.A.) Shahid Beheshti University (The National University of Iran), Private Law (Business and Banking Law).
1969-19673  “Bachelor in Law” (B.A.) Tehran University,
1982-   Intensive Courses on International Law, Tehran University, Law Faculty
1983 & 1989   Two times The Hague Academy of International Law, both Courses of
Public and Private International Law.
Job Experience
1979 – Present  Attorney – at – law (Grade 1) Bar Association of Iran (Tehran)
1987- Present  Licensed official translator (English Language) to the Justice Administration
1996–present  Appointed as arbitrator in several international and domestic arbitrations including ICC arbitration.
1995 – 2005  Senior Legal Advisors to the Bureau of International Legal Services (BILS)
1995 – Present Legal Advisor to the Iranian Chamber of Commerce.
1999 – Present Legal Advisor to Bank Melli Iran.
1996 – Present Legal Advisor to Bank Mellat.
2002 – Present Legal Advisor to Bank Sepah.
2002 – Present Legal Advisor to Bank Egtesad Novin.
1997 – 2006  Arbitrator to the Arbitral Tribunal of the Ex- Stock Exchange of Tehran.
1996 – Present  Member of Iranian Association of International Law
1996 – Present  Member of Iranian Arbitration Association. 
1985-1989  Secretary of the Commission on International   Law and Arbitration of Iranian National Committee of ICC  
1989-1996  Director of BILS office at the Hague (NL) in charge of the arbitration cases pending before Iran-U.S. Claim Tribunal (The Hague)
1983-1989  Legal Deputy to the Head of the BILS office in Tehran
1974-1983   Employed by Bank Melli, Tehran Legal Department
Practice Area: Arbitration
Duty in OPGC: Permanent Vice Chairman
Past involvement in and contributions to the OPGC:
I have attended the 1st and 2nd World Congresses in Sydney and New York and a preparatory meeting in Beijing in 2008.