Gerhard Mensch

Vice Chairman Gerhard Mensch’s Message

the real task for human beings at present is to “learn,” namely, to learn Geoversal Civilization.” That is the Vision. The Mission is to fight Maximal Pessimism, accomplish to organize crowd wisdom, and pursue the Principle of Reasonable Optimism (PRO).

Introduction of Permanent Vice Chairman Gerhard Mensch

Name: Gerhard Mensch
Nationality: German + long-term U.S. Permanent Resident
Date of Birth: 12 Nov. 1937
Academic or Research Field: Innovations Research + Teaching in Finance, Management, Economics, and History (of Social Innovations)
CEO & Chief Scientist of the Mensch - Wold Lab (with the late Herman Wold)
Academic research results:
Wikipedia “Gerhard Mensch (innovation research)”
Duty in OPGC: Vice Chairman
Past involvement in and contributions to the OPGC:
Attended and delivered speeches at the Fourth World Congress of Geoversal Civilisation (Moscow Convention).