Zhang Shaohua’s Talk on General Arrangement of the Latter Half of His Life

I am 64 years old, and there are 25 years to go if I plan to work before I am 90 years old. I have to accomplish five more tasks in the next 25 years. The five tasks are divided into two categories, one is the task throughout 25 years, which consists of two jobs: one is to investigate the main civilisations, core areas and major civilisations of the world, especially some sources of Chinese traditional culture; the second is to move on along the road to geoversal civilisation since 1997, that is, to continue the work of geoversal civilisation.
The second is divided into four time periods, with the first time period of 65-70 years old, the second time period of 70-77 years old, the third time period of 77-84 years old, and the fourth time period of 84-90 years old.
First, let’s talk about the two jobs in the period of 65-70 years. In fact, I have started at the age of 63, and plan to finish it in 7 years. The first job is to create Four Seasons Park, and the second job is to improve and promote self-treatment theory and self-treatment therapies to the public. The design of Four Seasons Park has been completed, and the site selection in Shandong and Henan has also been determined, which is now in the process of declaring to the relevant government departments. As for second job, the book Outline of Self-treatment has been completed and self-treatment therapies system has been finished. In fact, self-treatment therapies has been spread by twos and threes for over 30 years among people, and the work of being transferred to the public by special personnel has been going on for two years. I created Outline of Self-treatment and self-treatment therapies system, but this is only the statements of a school and a peephole view which should be perfected, improved and finalized in learning and adaptation of the people. In Outline of Self-treatment, I have repeatedly stressed the point that self-treatment theory is the medication of the common and the poor. Therefore, the system of self-treatment theory and self-treatment therapies depends on the continuous creation and perfection of people in practice. Only common people, especially the poor benefit greatly from self-treatment theory and self-treatment therapies, which will gradually form the mainstream and basic medicine of the times and the people, and finally became “the mainstream medicine” and “basic medicine” in the history of human medicine. Today, a wide variety of medical theories, medical methods and medical systems will become the “secondary medicine” and “supplementary medicine” of self-medicine.
Then, let’s talk about the jobs of 70-77 years old, I mainly combed and re interpreted the main ancient books at all times and in all countries In these six or seven years, which includes The Moral Book and Confucian Analects in China, The Diamond Sutra and Vedas in India; Western  Old Testament, Der philosophische Dialog by Plato, Metaphysics and Roman Law by Aristotle; Central Quran as well as some scientific classics in modern times, such as: The Theory of Nebular Hypothesis by Kant, Theory of Relativity by Einstein, The Black Hole Theory and The Theory of Everything by Hawking.
In fact, I started doing this job a few years ago, for example, I re-ordered The Moral Book, that is to completely upset the eighty-one chapters of The Moral Book, and re-order from general chapter, clue of Tao, reason, Respect for Tao, Clue of Moral, honor, accomplishment, govern, to conclusion with nine chapters in each. And publish a book entitled Reorder The Moral Book and Its Original Meanings. Again, I have studied on the cultural background and social background of Confucian Analects as well as the punctuation of Confucian Analects, and plan to publish a book entitled the punctuation of Confucian Analects and Its Original Meanings. Last, I have made a deep comparative study on oriental --- human civilisation, western people --- material civilisation, and Middle East people --- divine civilisation in World Book.
In addition, another important task is “to cultivate a spiritual species”. The spiritual species is a new species that is evolved from Homo sapiens, but is superior to Homo sapiens at the species level. We, Homo sapiens, are a species driven by physical needs in the direction of self-interest or selfishness. In contrast, the spiritual species are driven by morality, and the species is the evolutionary direction of altruism. The job has been going on for a long time, and the 50 persons  “psychic training team” from 5-65 years old, I founded, is a research base for “nurturing spiritual species”. Judging from the effectiveness of psychic training, this entry point is right and the prospect is very broad.
To sum up, at the age of 70-77, I will spend most of my energy re-combing and re-annotating the major books.
At the age of 77-84 years, I want to take a large number of my students and people interested in this business to enter the business world to prepare funds for “great human migration” during the work period of 84-90 years old.
Finally, at the age of 84-90, I will gather up the funds I prepared to open the project to explore the regulation of geoversal population density and the restoration of human living environment, to help, guide, assist, influence, and persuade governments of the countries concerned, to mobilize all positive factors and resources and funds that can be mobilized, so that they can take the initiative and make the project work with the fastest speed and the best results. To this question, I have announced my grand plan for “the great migration of mankind” at the Second World Congress of Geoversal Civilisation in 2005. At the Fourth World Congress of Geoversal Civilisation in 2013, I wrote this plan in The One-hundred Year Plan for Comprehensive Governance of the Geoversal Ecological Environment.
There are five points in the planning significance of great migrations of mankind: First, to avoid natural disasters; second, to ease the population pressure; third, to improve Homo sapiens; fourth, to transformer human civilisation; fifth, to cultivate spiritual species. It can be seen that it is one of the highest ideals in my life to formulate and force the “great migration of mankind”. The plan will involve territorial issues, sovereignty issues, national conditions, and even national issues, religious issues and customs issues in almost all countries. For example, to move the tribes, peoples, or even nations that live in an environment that is not conducive to human existence in Africa, especially in Black Africa to sparsely populated areas --- such as the central and northern parts of Australia and southwestern part of Russia. Indeed, I have a kind of unspeakable political responsibility and moral impulse whenever I see the destitute family, the children crying piteously for food, and the sick poor waiting for death in Africa, whenever I walk around the overcrowding Beijing in China, Tokyo in Japan, London in the UK, New York in the United States, and Paris in France. It is because of this political responsibility and moral impulse; I put this emotion of great aspiration and aims for the far-off future of an elder at the age of 84-90 in the great migration of mankind which is the biggest and highest ideal of my life.
(Recorded by Dang Jing, edited by Wang Weiguo)
Aug 27, 2015